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Pick Me Up Gem 1.0 -

Analyze Your Value

To begin your journey, you will spark the light!

I know your value, and if you have been hiding away, get ready to feel amazing after the first lesson of the Define Your Shine, Pick Me Up mini-course. You'll learn five easy techniques to release painful experiences and be unstoppable.

Pick Me Up Gem 2.0 -

Know Your Worth

Next, you will notice any feelings or experiences that continue to cause interruptions. You will learn to identify how they have impacted your quality of life.  Some of these feelings might include shame, guilt, or judgment. Learn how to move unworthiness not serving you. You will shine brighter each new day you practice!

Pick Me Up Gem 3.0 -

Cut Your Angles

For this unique part of the process, you will learn how to stop being hard on yourself and how. You will learn how essential it is to plan precisely how to release this hardened material and uncover the uniqueness of you. You are moving towards having everything you've ever wished.  Keep going!

The Fastest Way to Release Painful Experiences That Keep You In The Dark

Gain the knowledge to achieve Joy In The Next 24 Hours

The Practice is easy, and yet the effort towards self-realization is powerful. As you apply the method of the Define Your Shine Pick Me Up Mini-Course of the Define Your Shine five month Meditation Membership Course, you will progress in Divine Self-Love.  Not only will you have an awareness of your negative thoughts—the ones that cause substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and pain in our world— the thoughts will lose their power over you.


Painful experiences can allow us to release, denying the little voice that hints, “This can’t be it for my life, I deserve better, I am enough, I am worthy.”  You will learn how to stop dismissing these truths and believe in why you want to fulfill them.  You will feel joy and value in getting up in the morning, taking a shower, saying hello.  You will learn to stop hiding away from feeling alone.​

Gifts Of Compassion

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    Over the three days of the Pick Me Up Course, I'll send you a daily lesson with access to the new content for the day in the membership site. 

  • Video & Audio Format

    Every day I'll introduce the day's content in the introduction module. You'll then move to the exercise which you can do via the video or audio stream, alternatively you can download the audio to your playlist and listen at your own leisure. 

Hello, my loves

Let me introduce you to the transformed Shawntell - I'm so excited we are here together!

Trainer, Speaker, Writer & Host of The Define Your Shine ™ Pick Me Up Mini Course

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, ontological coach, philanthropist, and I’m devoted to providing you the resources to become the most remarkable person you choose to be. Oh, and; I’m a hairstylist.  I grew to love hearing others’ stories, and I owe much of my growth to the inspiration and awe of many clients.  If you are a curious person like I am, you can get the low down about my background and how I began my journey on my about page.


Quick bits: I’m a born and raised Colorado girl dreaming of the day I have a home near an ocean. I’m an obsessive researcher and learner.  I spend time reading, writing, crafting, and creating this online educational program, and -- spending as much time with loved ones as possible.


I love to sing and dance.  Music and car karaoke feed my soul. I like a good adrenaline rush-- skydiving; Sign me up!  


Love and Light,


Some Kinds Words...

"You are amazing, Shawntell. I have followed your life coaching journey, and I am inspired. You are a beautiful person, and God knew what he was doing when he led you to your life coaching journey. If you can get through to me and trust me, I have a lot I have carried on me throughout the years.


Know your voice is making women and girls see the light at the end of a very long and rough road." 

"I know God told me to call you. I prayed for the first time in a very long time on Saturday. I begged him to help me; To not let the darkness take over me again. I fought so hard to make it this far. That's when I remembered your post on FB and my comment on it. I knew at that moment what I needed to do.  You are genuinely, and an angel sent to rescue me from the darkness. I can't thank you enough for showing me what love is.  I have never felt the way I do right now. I have hope, real hope, and understanding of who God made me. It is time for me to be me!"

"​Over the last week, I have communicated my needs and wants; I stood scared, shaking, and choosing to speak and show up for myself. Through the fear that attempted to shake and break me; I stood! I feel a fire inside me and can't wait to see what I have in store for myself in my essence! I am Love, Connection, Radiance, Play, and Spirit. I choose her! Thank you, Define Your Shine; I can't wait to see where I grow from here!"


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